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Dempsey Design, LLC




As many of my friends and clients know I have a passion for a few things: Anything made by Apple, my MINI Cooper S and designing sites on and promoting Squarespace.  This Sunday I'll be driving from the Apple Capital to the Big Apple in my MINI Cooper S while rocking out to music on my iPhone.  I've accepted a position with Squarespace's Support and Social Engagement teams. Very. Excited.

So what happens to Dempsey Design? While I won't be accepting as much work, I'll still be offering service on a limited, case-by-case basis.  Of course I'll also provide support to my current clients as well.

I'd certainly like to thank my clients for patronage. I've been extremely pleased with how far Dempsey Design has come.

So I won't say "good bye" but rather, "I'll be seeing you".  I do have a few of my latest projects to share from some excellent clients. I'll post these soon.


An Event Apart: Seattle 2011

I'm excited to announce that I'll be unavailable Monday, March 28 through Wednesday, March 30! But for good reason: 3 days of design, code and content at An Event Apart web design conference in Seattle.  An Event Apart is put on by some of the web's most formidable design and development gurus and I'll be attending to glean and extrapolate everything I can in order to keep up with the latest standards and practices. All of this, of course, is to benefit my clients.

I am most excited to learn more about mobile web development strategies and practices. As many of my clients and friends know I am a huge gadget nerd, and that the iPhone is the single best gadget ever invented.  With mobile web traffic increasing every day and more people surfing on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices I want to make sure that my clients will have the choice of optimizing their website for viewing on these magical gadgets. 

So, want to follow along? I'll be posting updates to my twitter account as they happen, and checking in on Gowalla.  I'm very excited for the conference, and more excited for my clients and future clients.

Finally, the good folks at Squarespace are hooking me up with stickers and t-shirts to hand out.  Follow me on Twitter to find out where I am, shoot me a direct message and I'll hook you up (while supplies last of course)!


Corban Security Banner-Ups


Michael Blakley, owner of Corban Security attended the NCHBA home show this year to promote his newly rebranded company.  I designed the BannerUp modules for Corban's display this year.  I wanted to have two BannerUps that would compliment eachother yet could stand on their own if Michael chose to only use one.  The wonderful thing about Mark Bric BannerUps is that they can be used in many different promotional applications. If we need a different design for a specific event, we'll print a new banner and slide it in the BannerUp system. This gives Michael great flexibility with minimal costs for a new design.

Much like these BannerUps, my websites are designed in a similar fashion.  I get my clients set up on a system that makes it super easy and cost effective to simply swap out the look and feel of the site for a minimal cost.  Gone are the days of paying for a whole new website every time you want to change the look and layout of your site.

If you're interested in having Dempsey Design create your next BannerUp system or modular website, simply drop me a quick note and let's get you set up for a cost effective design future.